Najma Consultancy Is Pleased to Present the Highfield Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace, a Comprehensive and Advanced Training Program Tailored for Professionals Committed to Enhancing Workplace Safety. Accredited by Highfield, This Course Delves into Critical Aspects of Health and Safety Management, Covering Topics Such as Risk Assessment, Hazard Identification, and the Development of Robust Safety Management Systems. Led by Experienced Trainers Well-Versed in International Safety Standards, Our Program Goes Beyond the Basics, Providing a Thorough Understanding of Strategic Safety Planning, Crisis Management, and Regulatory Compliance. By Enrolling in Najma Consultancy’s Highfield Level 3 Award, Participants Gain the Expertise Needed to Proactively Address Complex Safety Challenges and Contribute to Cultivating a Culture of Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety. This Program Sets the Benchmark for Advanced Safety Education, Empowering Professionals to Navigate the Evolving Landscape of Health and Safety with Confidence and Competence.

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