Najma Consultancy proudly presents the IOSH Working Safely certification program, an indispensable course focusing on risk management and workplace health and safety for employees. This certification equips participants with essential knowledge and skills to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities effectively within their respective workplaces.

Who Should Attend?

  • Target Audience: Individuals employed in any capacity who seek to understand fundamental principles of safety and health.
  • Global Applicability: Designed for employees in any sector, worldwide.

What Will Participants Learn?

Upon the completion of the session, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of working safely.
  • Recognize the difference between hazards and risks.
  • Learn how to identify hazards.
  • Enhance their ability to improve safety performance within the workplace.

Training Topics

  1. Introduction to IOSH
  2. Module 1: Introducing Working Safely
    • The necessity of working safely
    • Interactive quiz
  3. Module 2: Defining Hazard and Risk
    • Understanding the difference between hazards and risks
    • Risk assessment
  4. Module 3: Identifying Common Hazards
    • Hazard spotting
  5. Module 4: Improving Safety Performance
    • Roles and responsibilities of the organization
    • Roles and responsibilities of employees
    • Strategies for improving safety performance
  6. IOSH Exam (30 Minutes)
  7. Wrapping Up

Course Duration

  • Total Hours: 5 hours 30 minutes


  • Award: IOSH Certificate


  • Continuous assessment through instructor observation of essential skills.
  • Summative assessment of knowledge and skills at the end of the course.


Najma Consultancy’s IOSH Working Safely program equips employees with fundamental knowledge and skills essential for ensuring workplace health and safety. This certification empowers team members to recognize and manage risks effectively, thereby enhancing overall safety performance within their organizations.