Najma Consultancy is pleased to offer the Scaffold Erector/Competent Person/Erector Training Course. This course is essential for those responsible for scaffold erection, safety, and job site inspections on construction sites.

Course Overview:

This training covers scaffold erection, safety protocols, and OSHA regulations, equipping participants with the skills to ensure safe scaffold assembly and compliance with safety standards.

Who Should Attend?

  • Scaffold erectors
  • Designated competent persons
  • Safety inspectors and site supervisors
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their scaffold erection and safety knowledge

What Will Participants Learn?

Participants will learn to:

  • Erect and dismantle various types of scaffolds safely
  • Perform scaffold safety inspections
  • Understand and apply OSHA scaffold regulations
  • Implement safe work practices and procedures
  • Conduct thorough job site inspections
  • Develop and execute safety plans

Course Content:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Scaffold Erector/Competent Person/Erector
  • Scaffold Safety: Types, assembly, dismantling, and hazard mitigation
  • Job Site Inspection Protocols: Safety inspections, hazard identification, and reporting
  • OSHA Regulations: Scaffold standards and compliance
  • Risk Management and Safety Planning

Course Duration: Varies based on training needs

Certification: Participants receive a Scaffold Erector/Competent Person/Erector certification from Najma Consultancy upon successful completion.

Join Najma Consultancy’s Scaffold Erector/Competent Person/Erector Training Course to gain the skills needed for safe scaffold erection, thorough inspections, and maintaining high safety standards on your job site.