Najma Consultancy Is Dedicated To Fostering a Culture of Safety in the Logistics and Materials Handling Industry. We Are Proud To Offer Straddle Safety Training, a Specialized Program Meticulously Designed To Provide Participants With the Knowledge and Skills Necessary for the Safe and Efficient Operation of Straddle Carriers. Our Training Covers a Range of Vital Areas, Including Equipment Handling, Load Management, Safety Protocols, and Emergency Response Procedures. Through a Combination of Theory and Hands-on Practical Training, Our Course Equips Individuals With the Competence To Operate Straddle Carriers Confidently While Prioritizing Safety. At Najma Consultancy, We Prioritize Safety and Operational Excellence, Making Our Straddle Safety Training an Invaluable Resource for Those Involved in the Handling and Transportation of Goods in Various Industrial Settings.

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