Procedures & Highlights

The importance of trained manpower is most emphasized than ever before. The over all economic growth globally has opened new opportunities and manpower mobilization has taken centre stage in every project planning.

Najma has foreseen it and accordingly moved fast on steps to qualify the available manpower for overseas assignments.

Najma, has a dedicated strategy towards ensuring the maintenance of its standards by our responsiveness and consistency. Our customers will experience us as warm, deeply human and trustworthy. Our focus is to provide a fast, effective personnel service for clients who are in search of higher standards and excellence.


We are one of the Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai to carry out HR activities from the Asian countries. Our contracts are signed based on mutually agreed terms and conditions in accordance with the trade and the principal’s interest in mind.

Najma works on requirements of projects as a whole for mobilization from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

All the communication is done from our Dubai office there by reducing the time required to correspond and get information. Najma would also handover most of the documents by hand to the principal’s place of work saving time.

Updates of mobilization, short listing by Najma’s representatives, test process, selection status etc. are done on a daily basis without fail. This will enable the principal to co-ordinate the site requirement and availability of workers on a 100% confirmation.

Mobilization – Major Steps

  • Contract between the company and NAJMA
  • Identification of categories and No. of persons against each one
  • Qualification and specification of each category
  • Salary structure and benefits
  • Distribution of each category among different nationalities
  • Mobilization drive
  • Selection process
  • Visa receipt
  • Deployment
  • Customer Satisfaction

While it is usual that block visas are issued for different nationality  recruitment, it is very important to decide which job for what  nationality to obtain maximum output from each one. NAJMA  has  been  working  with  different  types  of  companies  engaged in various trades of operations. Contracts are signed based on mutually agreed terms considering  the trade and the principal’s interest in mind.

Mobilization Drive

NAJMA believes in applying different methods of mobilization, to get the most suitable applicants.

Training and Test Centre

NAJMA has its own subsidiaries in all the Asian countries with 9 branches spread over all the major cities in India. NAJMA also has its associate office in Kathmandu – Nepal, Rawalpindi in Pakistan and Dhaka in Bangladesh.


We conduct short listing at 14 different locations covering whole of the country.
Being a large country and people of different locations specialized in different trades, it is suggested to find them at their work and place of domicile to get the best hands than bringing them to the metros and this is very much applicable to lower categories. We have all these places ready for interviews and final selection.

Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Reasons applicable to India are mostly the same for Nepal and Bangladesh. Interviews are done at 2 different locations each, for these countries.

Recruitment Action Plan

  • Najma receives notification/Enquiry from the clients
  • Job specification and terms agreed between Clients and Najma-Location, Duration, Type of work specified & Special features indented
  • Identity the location and forward to the Associate offices in respective countries for mobilization
  • Short listing through our panel of technical experts
  • Details of suitable candidates submitted to client/Final interviews and selection by client delegates
  • Medical Examination of selected candidates
  • Visa endorsement and completion of Emigration formalities
  • Deployment of Candidate

Screening Process / Aptitude Tests

NAJMA has trained consultants in different areas, whose advice and expertise is utilized for every mobilization.

Interview Methodology

  • Relevant Personal Details
  • Background
  • Education
  • Collection of Certificate Copies
  • Work History
  • Credential Verification/Reference Checking
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Aspirations/Career Progression
  • Skills Pertaining To Profession
  • Physical Examinations
  • Language Skills
  • Learning Abilities
  • Attention to Detail
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Trade Test for Skilled Workmen/Written Assignments for Staff Category

Interaction with Clients

We firmly believe in an active partnership between the consultant, the client and the candidate.
To work closely with our clients, we always meet them at the place of their work to understand their business, their requirements, their expectations and objectives.
We also meet with each of the concerned individual / department to
gain in-depth knowledge about their specific needs.

  • Job Function
  • Skills needed
  • Experience required
  • Education background
  • Personal characteristics
  • Language skills
  • Salary Structure
  • Working hours / Overtime benefits
  • Accommodation facilities / Allowance
  • Leave & ticket entitlement etc.
  • Gratuity / Service benefits

Healthy & Safety for new Recruits Training

NAJMA Human Resources, Occupational Safety and Training Consultancy impart health  and safety training for selected candidates  after their selection  prior to their departure from the country of origin.

Each of the employee will carry a certificate in Health and Safety. This  training program has been designed to provide essential knowledge  and understanding of health and safety for employees working in  any sector or business, whether manufacturing, commerce, public  sector or the service industry.

Good health and safety training reduces risks and prevent accident  and ill health arriving from work activities.

The essential element of the company’s safety system is the  knowledge and attitude of employers and this demands proper  training in the basics of health and safety as well as specific training  for individual tasks.

Know UAE before you arrive NAJMA Human Resources, Occupational Safety and Training Consultancy will brief every selected candidates on the rules and  regulations prevalent in UAE, work environments, climate  conditions and terms and conditions. Special emphasis is given to  camp living conditions. We are looking for a no problem situation for  our clients in UAE after the candidates join their jobs. The cost of training  will be mutually agreed prior to imparting the same.