Najma Consultancy offers the essential Competent Person/Inspector Training Course for individuals responsible for scaffold safety, job site inspections, and those designated as competent persons on construction sites.

Course Overview:

This training provides comprehensive instruction on scaffold safety, inspection protocols, and OSHA regulations. Participants will gain the necessary skills to ensure safe working conditions and compliance with safety standards.

Who Should Attend?

  • Designated competent persons
  • Scaffold workers
  • Safety inspectors and site supervisors
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their scaffold safety knowledge

What Will Participants Learn?

Participants will learn to:

  • Perform scaffold safety inspections
  • Understand and apply OSHA scaffold regulations
  • Implement safe work practices and procedures
  • Conduct thorough job site inspections
  • Develop and execute safety plans

Course Content:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Competent Person/Inspector
  • Scaffold Safety: Types, assembly, dismantling, and hazard mitigation
  • Job Site Inspection Protocols: Safety inspections, hazard identification, and reporting
  • OSHA Regulations: Scaffold standards and compliance
  • Risk Management and Safety Planning

Course Duration: Varies based on training needs

Certification: Participants receive a Competent Person/Inspector certification from Najma Consultancy upon successful completion.

Join Najma Consultancy’s Competent Person/Inspector Training Course to gain the skills needed for scaffold safety, thorough inspections, and maintaining high safety standards on your job site.