What is Occupational Safety Consultancy

Among the core competencies of Najma Consultancy is the passion for providing Safety solutions to Companies of varied industries. Companies may require to advice on the way forward on a concept or to complete a task that the internal staff has challenges performing due to existing commitments, lack of expertise, government regulations, or the need for an unbiased opinion of a subject expert.
For such requirements, Najma Consultancy has the resources and capability to work alone, with company employees, or with other consultants to accomplish various functional and technical objectives.
To accomplish Company objectives Najma Consultancy can serve as an implementer, an advisor, a facilitator, or a trainer.

We have a team of Safety Consultants that provide a variety of services for safety management, creating a safety management system, establishing procedures and systems, facilitating and guiding in implementation, inspection, accident investigation, personnel training, and more.

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The experienced and competent team of Najma Consultancy uses its skills of –

  • Creative thinking
  • Thinking conceptually
  • Problem solving
  • Communicating clearly and empathetically
  • Collaborating with all job levels
  • Curiosity
  • Credibility

Our team is skilled in observation and interviewing in an effort to gather needed information to fully assess the process in order to quantify and reduce their risk and improve productivity. Najma Consultancy can help to establish systems so that employees are trained appropriately and equipment/process is used correctly. This reduces wasted time by using more efficient training systems to teach employees to correct safety procedures.
Our services will eliminate the need for retraining and will teach employees how to use the equipment the right way the first time – which will boost productivity and lead to higher output.
Our recommendations will create a truly safe workplace/site, Eliminate the fear of failing inspections , legal compliance, and fines, help organizations find additional ways to improve project/ process outcomes, and increase productivity.

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