Najma Consultancy Is Excited To Offer the Highfield Level 2 International Award in Work at Height, a Specialized Program Designed for Individuals Engaged in Tasks Involving Elevated Workspaces. Accredited by Highfield, This Course Provides Comprehensive Training on Fundamental Principles and Safety Protocols Essential for Those Working at Height. Led by Experienced Trainers Well-Versed in International Safety Standards, Our Program Combines Practical Applications With Theoretical Knowledge, Ensuring Participants Acquire the Skills Necessary To Navigate and Mitigate Risks Associated With Elevated Work Environments. By Enrolling in Najma Consultancy’s Highfield Level 2 Award, Individuals Gain a Solid Understanding of the Importance of Risk Assessment, Proper Equipment Usage, and Adherence to Safety Regulations When Working at Height. This Program Sets the Standard for Excellence in Work at Height Training, Empowering Participants To Execute Their Tasks With the Utmost Safety and Efficiency.

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