Najma Consultancy Is Committed To Enhancing Workplace Safety and Reducing the Risk of Accidents. We Are Pleased To Offer Slip & Trip Falls Protection Safety Training, a Program Designed To Equip Individuals With the Knowledge and Skills Necessary To Prevent and Respond Effectively To Slip and Trip Hazards in the Workplace. Our Training Covers a Wide Range of Topics, Including Hazard Identification, Proper Footwear Selection, Safety Protocols, and Emergency Response Procedures. By Imparting This Essential Knowledge, We Empower Participants To Create Safer Work Environments and Proactively Address Slip and Trip Risks, Thereby Mitigating Accidents and Injuries. At Najma Consultancy, We Prioritize the Well-Being of Employees and the Reduction of Workplace Incidents, Making Safety a Top Priority for Organizations Across Various Industries.

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