The Level 3 International Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid qualification aimed at providing learners with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required to enable them to provide effective emergency paediatric first aid to support in and emergency for child and infants.


What is the objective of the Training?

Level 3 International Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid covers knowledge such as the role of the paediatric first-aider, assessing an emergency situation, unresponsive casualties (breathing and not breathing), airway obstruction, wounds and bleeds and hypovolemic shock.


Who should attend?                                                                                                  

Level 3 International Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid is designed for learners such as parents and relatives, pre-school or nursery staff, toddler group volunteers, childminders and nannies, pairs and foster parents, or those responsible for caring for infants and children.


Course Content:

  • Introduction and aim of first aid
  • Role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider
  • Assess an emergency situation and act safely and effectively
  • Minimising infection and barrier devices
  • Casualty communication and Primary survey (DRABCD)
  • Prioritize the treatment of casualty
  • Managing unresponsive and breathing normally.
  • Secondary survey and recovery position
  • Manage a casualty who is in seizure
  • Unresponsive and not breathing normally
  • Basic Life Support
  • CPR for not breathing casualty
  • Managing choking
  • Managing a minor, major bleeding and embedded object
  • Manage hypovolemic shock
  • Minor cuts and grazes
  • Bruises and small splinters
  • Nose bleeding, sprain and strains
  • Manage fracture, dislocations, head neck and back injuries
  • Conditions affecting the eyes, ears and nose
  • Acute medical condition or sudden illnesses
  • Heat and cold injuries, electric shock, burn and scalds
  • Poisoning and anaphylaxis


Course Duration :                   6 hours

Certification :                        On completion of the course successful delegates will receive a HABC Certificate.

Practical Observation :         Delegates are assessed throughout the course by observation of the essential skills.

Practical assessment is completed throughout the course delivery.

Assessment requires learners to demonstrate practical first aid skills.