Human Resources Consultancies

Best Human Resource Consultants in Dubai. NAJMA has grown to be one of the most successful recruitment consultants in giving professional and prompt assistance in recruiting manpower from India, Srilanka, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Africa, and Bangladesh

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Occupational Safety Consultancy

Among the core competencies of Najma Consultancy is the passion for providing Safety solutions to Companies of varied industries. Companies may require to advise on the way forward on a concept or to complete a task that the internal staff has challenges performing due to existing commitments, lack of expertise, government regulations, or the need for an unbiased opinion of a subject expert.

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Occupational Safety Training

We raise employees’ health and safety awareness by providing IOSH courses so that they can safely carry out their responsibilities, we also promote the well-being of local communities and the general public who occupational and industrial activities might impact.

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First Aid Training Center

First aid is the initial assistance provided to a person who has been injured or is suddenly taken ill. It involves assessing the situation, providing basic medical care, and contacting emergency services if necessary.

The primary goal of first aid is to preserve life, prevent injury or illness from becoming worse, and promote recovery.

First Aid training is a type of education that teaches individuals how to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. The goal of First Aid training is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide immediate care to someone who is injured or becomes suddenly ill until medical professionals arrive.

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Quality & Standardization Certificate Issuing Service

We are pleased to offer NAJMA Consultancy quality and standardization certificates issuing services to ensure that your business meets all regulatory requirements and industry standards. At Najma Consultancy we understand the importance of quality control and standardization in today’s competitive market, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve success.

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